LovetoWork.org was formed in September 2006 in order to help people find the jobs they love doing.  In our working age life from around age 18/21 to the early 60’s when retirement draws near, we spend as much time at work as we do sleeping and with family.  Therefore we need to make our work time quality time, while also earning wages able to support a high quality of life style.

Work shapes our lives in so many ways.  In many ways, it is a status of where we are in life, in some ways it is a way we contribute back to society in how we help others, and in other ways we get a chance to put our values in how we serve others or what product we produce to serve business.  Work can be annoying and it can be rewarding, sometimes it is energy draining and other times it is energizing, and you can either love it or hate it with no in betweens.

LovetoWork.org provides a variety of products and services to improve workforce performance — for individuals, for companies, and for career choosers.  You will be able to access some services for free and others you will need a subscription and others a personal consultation may be needed.  Best of luck to each of you during your career journey and may the job you find or the job you find be one that you love and one that grows in your enjoyment!